What applies to the certificate of submission of supporting documents? In which cases is it issued?

This certificate is issued on the basis of Article 4 of no. 4000/1/113-a ’from 14/10/2020 Joint Ministerial Decision, in case of a positive decision for the issuance of the residence document under article 18 par. 4 of the Withdrawal Agreement (initial issuance, renewal, replacement).

Regarding the aforementioned certificate, it is noted that:

  • there is an indication on it that the applicant has submitted the supporting documents for the issuance of the residence document under article 18 par. 4 of the WA, as beneficiary of it.
  • it is not a residence document and has no expiry date. This certificate essentially facilitates the beneficiary applicant, who is waiting for his/her residence permit to be printed, in order to prove that he/she is indeed a WA beneficiary and therefore to avoid any inconvenience in proving his/her status for the entire waiting period. Since the printing of the residence permit requires procedures from both the beneficiary (such as taking of fingerprints) and the competent Authorities, it is not printed directly, but a certain period of time for this purpose is required.
  • it is an official document and is accepted by all Public Administration Authorities. The holder is not re-submitted to any procedure to prove his/her status as a WA beneficiary and enjoys the rights foreseen in Part II of WA.
  • it can be showed to border guards at the external Schengen borders to prove that the holder has the right to reside in the Schengen area without internal border controls and as a result, no visa is required.

The beneficiary submits this certificate to the competent Authority upon service and receipt of his/her residence permit.