Useful information for your safety and security

In today`s constantly changing world, safety is an essential factor affecting the quality of life, social co-existence and economic growth.

The Hellenic Police Force is decisively contributing to maintaining an absolutely safe environment through uniform, collective and coordinated actions as well as through cooperation with all competent state agencies and with the active involvement of citizens. Below are some tips for your own safety.

Nevertheless, no set of tips or advice can guarantee absolute safety because each incident is a different. Proper judgment is required, and above all, you should remain calm. Precaution is also extremely important. In all instances, contact police.

Advice on car thefts or thefts taking place inside vehicles

10 Pieces of advice for your safety
worth 100!

1. Make sure your children know their name and address, that they know how to dial “100” in case of emergency and that they only ask police agents or people they know for help.
2. Monitor the way your children use the internet and convince them not to accept to meet unknown cyberspace users.
3. Install a security lock, a security iron plate as well as a security chain at your house door and make sure your home does not look completely “uninhabited”.
4. Avoid keeping large sums of money at home or at the workplace.
5. Walk at the inner side of the pavement and hold your bag tight by the hand facing the wall and not the street.
6. Try to best protect your bag and wallet in crowded spaces.
7. Do not place your bag at a visible spot when you are driving and secure all doors before starting the vehicle.
8. In case of women abuse, contact the competent center of the General Secretariat of Equality under the Ministry of Home Affairs, Public Administration and Decentralization.
9. Inform the police on any suspicious event or case you come across.
10. If you find yourself in a “difficult” position, remember that the most valuable asset you have to protect is your life and your physical integrity. In such a case, call for help and also call the police!

Hellenic Police Force