Special advice for women

In the case of abuse you can contact the following agencies:

General Secretariat for Equality, Ministry of the Interior, Tel.: 210-3315291-6.
Abused Women`s Centre, and in particular:
Counceling Center on violence against women, Tel.: 210-3317305-6 (Athens) and 210-4112091 (Pireaus)
Association for the rights of women, Tel.: 210- 3626460 / 3616236
International Social Services, Tel.: 210-3617710

Tips in case of handbag- and purse-snatching

Do not carry large amounts of money with you
Walk on the inner side of the pavement and always keep your handbag closed and facing the inner side of the sidewalk
Do not hesitate to call for assistance if someone attacks you to steal your handbag
If you cannot resist the assailant and hold onto your handbag, remember that your health and physical integrity are more valuable than anything else
Try to remember the features of your attacker and the means of transport used, if applicable
Protect your handbag and wallet in crowded areas
Report the incident to the Police