How is the application for the issuance of the residence document under article 18 (4) of the Withdrawal Agreement submitted?

Αt this point in time, no online application procedure is foreseen for the issuance of the new residence document under the Withdrawal Agreement. The application for the residence document under article 18 (4) of the Withdrawal Agreement is submitted to the competent authorities:

i. in person by the applicant.

If there are particularly serious health reasons that make it impossible or substantially difficult for the applicant to visit the competent authority (such as home nursing or hospital stay, disabled people etc), then a police officer goes to the place where the applicant is located, as to receive the application and the supporting documents, including a medical certificate, issued by a doctor of a corresponding specialty with the disease, which essentially certifies the inability of movement.

ii. by attorney.

iii. by spouses, relatives in ascending line or adults in descending line. In this case, the above persons should be authorized by the applicant. The authorization should bear the verification of the authenticity of applicant’s signature by any public Authority and explicitly define the subject of the authorization.

iv. for minor children under the age of 18, in person by the parents who exercise the custody of the child or by an attorney. When the custody is exercised by both parents, the physical presence of one parent and the written consent of the other, whose signature is certified by any competent Authority, is sufficient.

Note Due to the prevailing situation with the pandemic of Covid-19 and the measures that have been taken into force in the context of limiting its spread, the persons concerned,at this point in time, are being served by the competent police Authorities mandatory by appointment. However, as the measures vary according to the prevailing conditions, the persons concerned are highly recommended to contact the competent police Authority of their place of residence in order to be informed about the requirement or not to make an appointment for their submission of their application.