Which department issues travel document (TDV) for beneficiaries of refugee status and subsidiary protection and applicants for international protection* for applications for international protection until 06-06-2013 and what documentation is needed?

Competent Departments are the Departments of Aliens for the regions of Attica and Thessaloniki and for the rest of Greece, Security Sub-directorates, Safety Departments and Police Stations which handle aliens’ issues. The person concerned should have:

(a) An application,

b) Two recent (2) photographs,

c) Stamp fee, as follows:

  • Initial version – Renewal – theft/loss, to beneficiaries of refugee status (14 years and over): Total amount 84.40 euro.
  • Initial version – Renewal – theft/loss, to beneficiaries of refugee status (up to 14 years): Total amount 73.60 euro.
  • Replacement of travel document to beneficiaries of refugee status (wear –extra pages, change of data): Total amount 58.00 euro.
  • Re-submission of the request – postal expenses: Total amount 05.00 euro.

d) Written consent of parents or the person who has the custody of minors under the age of 18.

*Persons who are beneficiaries of subsidiary protection and persons who have lodged an application for international protection can lodge an application for granting a special travel document (T.D.V.), under special condition and they have to address to the local relevant Police Authorities, in order to be informed about the documents needed.

[Greek Presidential Decree 96/2008, as valid Greek Law 4636/2019].