Christos Manouras

Hellenic Police Spokesman, Police Lieutenant Colonel Christos Manouras

  • Born in Athens in 1965.
  • Joined the Greek police force in 1987.
  • Graduated from the School of the Hellenic Police Officers in 1995.
  • On 27.6.2012 he was placed in the position of the Hellenic Police Spokesman.
  • He is married and has two children.


Undergraduate in the Department of Social Policy, in Panteion University Athens.

  • (Postgraduate) Diploma from the Police Academy, the Department of Vocational Training of Leading Members of the force. Graduation Grade “20” (Excellent), 2008.
  • Degree from the School of the Hellenic Police Officers. Graduation Grade “18.762” (Excellent), 1995.


During the 25 years of his career he served in various line such as in the General Police Directorate of Attica and the Headquarters of the Hellenic Police, specifically the Directorates of Traffic, International Police Cooperation, Public Relations, State Security and General Policing.

In 2008 he was placed as Head of the Second Department of Social Relations in the Public Relations Directorate, at the Hellenic Police Headquarters.

In 2011 he was appointed Head of the National Football Information Office.

In 2012 he was appointed Hellenic Police Spokesman.


  • Representative of the Hellenic Police in meetings and workshops at European level for the safe conduct of European sports events, especially international football games.
  • Team member of “Think Tank UEFA Europe” with main objective to evaluate and improve the security of sports events of special importance and international interest. He participated as Head of the Hellenic Police Mission in Poland, during the European Football Championship EURO 2012.
  • Responsible for developing relationships between the Hellenic Police and other organizations (social, educational, scientific, cultural, etc.) and for organising conferences and international meetings of police concern in Greece.


  • Professor in the Hellenic Police School of Further Education and Training – Department of Vocational Training of leading members of the force on issues of Protocol – Public Relations.
  • Speaker and expert consultant in seminars of the European Police College (CEPOL), on community policing issues.


  • He participated in a training seminar of the Department of Public Management on “Developing management skills of Public Administration executives: Leadership and organizational change”.
  • He attended seminars at European level on matters of police interest, such as community policing strategies, effective policing football matches, policing events of great importance, crowd management and environmental crime.


  • Diploma thesis at the Police Academy Department of Vocational Training of Staff and Officers: “Proposals for improving the quality of services provided by the Hellenic Police,” 2008.


  • Honorary praise as a member of the editorial team for the professional manual entitled “Issues of General Policing”, for educational use by students of Police Colleges, 2010.
  • Has received all the honours for his rank as a Senior Officer of the Hellenic Police.


  • Degree in English, ECCE University of Michigan, USA
  • Highest Degree in English by the School of Foreign Languages of the Hellenic Police.