The S4AllCities project (Smart Spaces Safety and Security for All Cities) aims to make cities’ infrastructures, services, ICT systems and Internet of Things more resilient while promoting intelligence and information sharing amongst security stakeholders. To achieve this, it will integrate advanced technological & organisational solutions into a market-oriented, unified cyber–physical security management framework. The system will focus on risk-based open smart spaces security management, cybersecurity shielding, suspicious activity, behaviour tracking, the identification of unattended objects, the real-time estimation of cyber–physical risks in multiple locations and measures activation for effective crisis management. This work will play a role in promoting good safety and security practices in European cities.

The project, funded by the European Commission under Horizon 2020, is coordinated by EXUS innovation.


S4ALLCities technology aims to revolutionize the way smart cities become more protected, prepared and resilient to both physical and cyber-attacks on City soft targets, smart spaces and critical infrastructure networks, by greatly augmenting City Spaces Situation Awareness with intelligence, context and evaluated real-time cyber and physical security threat levels.

The project will seek to:

1. Complement legacy monitoring systems with the adaptation of state of the art and beyond, low-cost surveillance technologies and solutions that enhance Smart City preparedness and defence capability in both cyber and physical space.

2. Design and develop an Open Platform for sharing and managing information, while providing intelligence that provides unprecedented situational awareness and decision support, while enhances European cities resilience, without compromising citizens’ fundamental rights and privacy.

3. Design and develop an intelligent communications architecture that ensures the interconnection and integration of the city smart systems, with the systems supporting security practitioners.

4. Significantly impact collaboration across all smart cities’ stakeholders, from urban planners to infrastructure operators, private service operators, security practitioners, IT supervisors and providers, while engaging citizens towards more secure and safe cities.

5. Validate and demonstrate the effectiveness of the integrated S4ALLCities SoS in relevant environments by the actual public authorities/end-users in three European Smart Cities accomplishing at the end of the project a TRL-7 level for the entire S4ALLCities platform.

The S4AllCities solution will be tested, validated and demonstrated in real operational scenarios together with local authorities, End Users and practitioners in Greece, Spain and Czech Republic.

Official website: www.s4allcities.eu

Twitter : www.twitter.com/s4allcities

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/s4allcities-project