LOCARD – Lawful evidence cOllecting & Continuity plAtfoRm Development

The LOCARD research project, favorably evaluated and funded by the European Commission under Horizon 2020, aim to automate the collection and documentation of every digital data and create an immutable chain of custody of the digital evidence which ensures the most efficient analysis of them, in conditions of transparency and exports results, capable of being used in judicial proceedings.

The project, inter alia, shall guarantee the integrity of evidence throughout the investigation up to their presentation in court, will provide the opportunity to use of streaming and cloud data, shall facilitate the international (cross-jurisdictional) usage of e-evidence and generally will standardize the procedure of chain custody of the digital evidence (log files, emails, memory dumps, network traffic, storage media etc), capabilities which will be exploited taking into consideration the principles and values of personal freedoms and data, in full compliance with European and national legal framework.

The final product, which will be given to the European Commission for further processing, will be an important tool for LEAs and Forensics Laboratories to further enhance the final outcome of the analysis coming from digital data (faster collection, non-intervention, safer and more transparent retention) and will contribute to the development of significant know-how in the fight against crime.

Official website: https://locard.eu/