The aim of the EMERITUS project is to realize and implement a protocol for effective environmental crime investigation, leveraging on the integration of innovative monitoring and analysis technologies (drones, satellite data, virtual sensors, geo-intelligence data, etc.), and on a complementary training programme aimed at fostering environmental enforcement authorities (e.g. Police Authorities and Border Guards Authorities) intelligence and investigation capabilities, at national and cross-border level. In order to achieve this goal, the EMERITUS consortium has gathered 8 Police/Border Guard authorities from 5 countries, 4 security experts, 2 training specialists and 6 technological partners, that will be the core of the platform. Hellenic Police and Center for Security Studies (KE.ME.A) take part in this projectfrom Greece. The consortium will focus on the co-creation of an investigation protocol centered on environmental crimes investigation, that will orient to the creation of the geo-intelligence platform. This platform will integrate several monitoring and investigation technologies and data sources, in a single view to support Police Authorities and decision makers.

In addition, this project will create a new training program for Police Authorities and other security professionals, focusing on the investigation and prevention of environmental crimes, which will combine both theoretical aspects and simulations to enable end-users to effectively use the platform and related technologies.

The validation of the platform and of the protocol will result in the successful elaboration of a set of evidence-based recommendations for policy authorities and decision-makers.

Official website: https://emeritusproject.eu