Anti-crime policy

According to the anti-crime policy followed since 2002 and continued until the present, the fight against people trafficking ranks as one of the primary priorities. Within this framework, several targets were set, while specific orders were given to police divisions, including:

  • Surveying all the parameters of the problem at the local level; planning actions and allocating specific duties to police commanders.
  • Development of close cooperation with local government entities of all levels.
  • Activation and improvement of an information exchange network amongst police divisions as far as the design and implementation of joint police operations at the local and regional level is concerned.
  • Stepped up activity by border guard units vis-ΰ-vis the problem of trafficking.
  • Operation of specialized anti-trafficking services.
  • Publication of commands and circulars.
  • Publication of a special information bulletin/questionnaire – translated in 13 languages -in order to help in the process of identifying victims of trafficking.