Goals – Post-Olympic benefits

Security planning -in its complete form- for the 2004 Olympics, has met every deadline so far and has been implemented successfully up until today, an achievement repeatedly recognized by the International Olympic Committee`s (IOC) representatives. Development of a strategic plan marked the beginning of this massive effort, followed by the guide tactical plan, whereas operational plans are also nearing completion. The evaluation and testing phase followed, as planning, structures, methods, equipment, as well as the readiness level of personnel is being gauged during numerous pre-Olympics sports events and security exercises.

As part of this planning, the Olympic Games Security Division aims to:

  • ensure a completely safe Olympic environment
  • implement security measures that will not, however, drastically affect the sports and celebratory nature of the 2004 Athens Games, or citizens` normal daily activities
  • Inform citizens and visitors in “Olympic cities” responsible and in a timely manner, as well as to sensitize public opinion on security issues

Upon the completion of the 2004 Olympic Games Hellenic Police will be a well-trained force with extensive experience and with the most modern equipment at its disposal. The financial resources invested in security for the 2004 Athens Olympics currently exceeds 650 million euros, the largest sum ever allocated for Olympic Games security. In practice, this also means greatly improved services and protection of society as a whole, guaranteeing an even safer environment and with an absolute respect for human rights.

Planning of Olympic Games security also gives the opportunity for inter-service and inter-branch cooperation under the unified command of the Chief of the Hellenic Police.
Moreover, use of state-of-the-art technology, especially the C4I system, will also be a decisive factor in this major modernization of the country`s law enforcement sector. These systems will significantly upgrade EL.AS`s capabilities by allowing for the simultaneous management of various incidents or crisis situations.

In the wake of the 2004 Games, Hellenic Police will possess advanced infrastructure that in many ways will be superior, by comparison, to other European police forces. For instance, the state-of-the-art TETRA communications system that Hellenic Police will procure allows a police officer at the scene of a traffic accident to transmit footage (video and sound) to an operations center, allowing, in return, the Fire Brigade and ambulance service to respond quickly  by dispatching units and personnel closest to the incident.