What applies to the replacement of the residence document under 18 (4) of WA? What supporting documents are needed for this purpose?

The residence permit is re-issued by the competent Authorities in case of loss, theft, damage or change of the holder’s identity data. The change of the data indicated in the residence permit is possible, through the re-issuance of the residence permit, only if the data of the passport or the travel document have been changed by the competent foreign authorities.

  • Application form, which is issued by the competent police Authority.
  • Passport or travel document in force, officially recognized by Greece.
  • Four (4) current color photographs in natural form, with the same technical specifications as those of passports, as they apply each time.
  • Sixteen (16) euros e-Administrative fee (e-Παράβολο). Τhe e-Administrative fee is available on the website of the General Secretariat of Information Systems of Public Administration (https://www1.gsis.gr/sgsisapps/eparavolo/public/welcome.htm) as below:

Φορέας Δημοσίου (Υπουργεία, Ανεξάρτητες Αρχές, Οργανισμοί)/ Public Authority Ministries, Independent authorities, Organizations: Δημόσιας Τάξης Π.τ.Π./Ελληνική Αστυνομία/ Ministry of Citizen Protection/ Greek Police
Κατηγορία Παραβόλου/Administrative Fee Category: Άδεια διαμονής του Άρθρου 18 παρ. 4 της Σ.Α./ Residence Permit under Article 18 par. 4 of the WA
Τύπος Παραβόλου  ([κωδικός τύπου] Ονομασία)/ Administrative Fee (Type ([code type] Description): [2296] ΧορήγησηΑνανέωσηΑντικατάσταση Άδειας Διαμονής/[2296] Issuance – Renewal – Replacement of Residence Permit

Notice: The payment of the e-Administrative fee is required in order to be submitted to the competent Authority. Unpaid e-Administrative-fees are not accepted by the competent Authority.

  • Previous residence document under 18 par. 4 of the WA (only in case of damage or change of the identity data).
  • Document-s that prove the residence address of the applicant in the Greek territory. For the list of documents that can be submitted for this purpose, click here.
  • In case of change of the identity data in the residence permit, official documents – certificates and decisions of a foreign Authority, officialy translated and certified.
  • In case of loss or theft, a copy of the report of loss or theft of the competent police authority. Please note that in case of loss or theft of the residence permit, the person concerned should report this fact to the nearest competent police authority.

For the form of the solemn declaration, where necessary, click here. For your facilitation, you may find an English translated form of the solemn declaration, which however is not for use. The persons concerned should use the form of the solemn declaration which is exclusively in Greek.

For any clarification on the documentation needed, you may contact the competent authority of your place of residence.

The validity of the new document does not exceed the validity of the previous one. However, if the applicant, at time of replacement of the residence document, which is valid for five (5) years, has acquired the right of permanent residence and submits the supporting documentation needed, then the new document he/she will receive will be valid for ten years (10) years (as entitled to permanent residence).

The fingerprinting procedure is also applied in the case of replacement of the residence permit.