Hiring Policy

Police Constables – Officers

Candidates enter Hellenic Police Force academies -police constable cadets and officer cadets- via the regular university entrance system, which is organized and managed by the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs.

Public Notices

Public Notices are published in the daily press to inform individuals interested in entering Hellenic Police`s schools and academy.

Such notices list the following:

  • The number of placement spots per school, overall and per category, i.e. children of large families, children of national resistance fighters etc.
  • The supporting documents required, as well as the place and time for their submission
  • The procedure, time and place of preliminary exams (medical check and fitness tests for candidates) as well as all other necessary details

Application procedure

Candidates should submit supporting documents required in person at the police station nearest to their place or residence or domicile. Following this, they will be invited to undergo medical, psychological and fitness tests at a pre-determined time.

Candidates considered fit for duty are listed on special tables, which are dispatched to the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs, where results are processed. Successful candidates for the Police Constable and Officers` Schools are invited to enroll in the relevant school where they gained admission.

Special Guards and Border Guards

Special Police Guards and Border Guards are recruited into the Hellenic Police using objective criteria as stipulated by law. Note: Both males and females can be recruited as Special Police Guards and Border Guards.
The age limit for recruitment to the Special Police Guards and Border Guards is 28.

Special duty police officers

Special duty police officers are recruited based on specific criteria, such as their major field of university study, laboratory experience, post-graduate studies etc., as stipulated in the relevant Public Notice.