Crisis Management Council

The Crisis Management Council was established with the purpose of dealing with extremely serious criminal actions or incidents that could affect the normal and safe hosting of the Olympic Games.

The Crisis Management Council convenes under the chairmanship of the Chief of the Hellenic Police, with the participation of the Chief of the Coast Guard, the Fire Brigade, the 1st Assistant Director of the National Intelligence Service, the Director of the Olympic Games Security Division, a high-ranking officer of the Joint Chiefs of the General Staff, a representative of the Civil Defense General Secretariat, a representative of the Olympic Games General Secretariat (Ministry of Culture) as well as the Managing Director of the Athens 2004 Olympic Games (ATHOC) Organizing Committee. The Director of the Olympic Security Center, the Head of the Joint Information Group and Hellenic Police?s Press Spokesman also participate on the Crisis Management Council.

Additionally, departmental officials and special consultants or experts may be invited to participate on the Crisis Management Council according to the type, intensity or challenges of a possible crisis following a decision by the Chief of Hellenic Police or through a proposal by another member of the Council.