Creation of Security Departments in Attica

Athens, November 19th, 2003
The Ministry of Public Order, in the context of the organizational and operational planning to upgrade the Hellenic Police Force services, decided to create local, self-sufficient Security Departments in the Attica region.
The creation of Security Departments is part of the general spirit and strategy characterizing the policy against crime applied by the Ministry of Public Order and the Hellenic Police Force.
In the context of this policy against crime, the Hellenic Police Force does not only aim at cracking down organized crime and major criminality, but has also set as its objective to deal with all forms of petty crime that spread fear and discomfort to the citizens and contribute to the creation of a general feeling of insecurity.
With the creation of local, self-sufficient Security Departments, the objective is to prepare the ground for dealing in an efficient way with crime in the area of greater Athens, in terms of prevention as well as of successful response and investigation.
In particular, with the creation of Security Departments:
  • It is possible to obtain a homogeneous organizational structure for the Security Forces in the entire territory.
  • United action and better programming of the work of the Security Services in Attica can be achieved.
  • It is easier to offer guidance and coordination to the regional Security Services, without the intervention of in-between Bodies which fall within the jurisdiction of other Administrative Bodies.
  • The Attica Security Division can be directly informed and thus, shall be in the position to assess better the methods and ways to deal with crime.
  • It is possible to deploy staff and means exclusively for preventing and investigating crime.
  • Staff has now the possibility to specialize on how to deal with each form of crime, taking advantage of the scientific and technical information.
  • The dispersion of responsibility is avoided with regard to protecting public security and dealing with crime in all areas of Attica.
  • The right conditions are created so that the administrative executives in the field of Security Services can see their career flourish and climb up in the hierarchy according to their merit.
  • Security matters can be dealt with at the local level, a fact that shall also benefit the regional and central level.
  • Citizens are best served in this way, since the institutionally competent and specialized staff of the Security Services can respond immediately to their call.
It is considered that the Security Departments can rise up to this task, not only at the tactical but also at the operational level, offering higher quality services to the citizen. They shall constitute units of direct intervention for investigating crime and arresting the perpetrators.
This procedure makes it possible for regional Security Sub-Divisions to develop targeted actions when dealing with crime.
The Attica Security Division shall continue to operate as Attica΄s Central Service, having set as its priorities dealing with serious forms of crime, such as organized crime, drug dealing, trafficking, money laundering etc.
Furthermore, the Attica Security Division shall also bear the responsibility to monitor and coordinate the regional Security Sub-Divisions and the Security Departments of Attica.
The Security Departments shall be manned with staff from the Security Offices which are currently operating in the Police Stations, reinforced with staff from other Services that will be specially trained to deal with crime.
Moreover, the Security Departments shall be housed at the premises of the Police Stations.
The creation and operation of the Security Departments is the final touch in the picture of the institutional framework of operation of Police Services in Attica. The crucial sector of dealing with crime is reinforced in this way with the adequate staff and resources. A triple shield of protection is therefore created (Security Division – Security Sub-Divisions – Security Departments).
This triple shield of protection constitutes another way of expressing the doctrine of Total Security, applied by the Hellenic Police Force. It rises up to the challenge set by the citizens for the Police Force to offer services of higher quality; a Police Force which will be modern and efficient, a Police Force which will always be close to the citizen.