What to do in case of a road traffic accident

What does the traffic code stipulate?

If there is a traffic accident, the involved driver(s) should:

a) Stop at the scene of the accident immediately without creating any additional risk to traffic
b) Take measures to ensure the safe flow of traffic and notify the nearest police station
c) Exchange personal and insurance information with the other driver(s) involved

In the case of material damage only, or if the party suffering damage is not present, the driver should notify the other party within 24 hours of all relevant information in the most appropriate manner or via the nearest police station.

If the road traffic accident results in death or physical injury, the driver and any other party involved must:

  • Provide the necessary assistance and support to victims
  • Notify the nearest police station and remain at the scene of the accident until the competent authorities arrive
  • Prevent any interference with evidence, such as moving vehicles or parts at the scene of the accident, that could impede the work or investigation of authorities

Help your fellow citizens and traffic police in their task. Write down the contact information of eyewitnesses at the scene and any other relevant evidence, such as the characteristics of a vehicle – license plate numbers, vehicle model and color etc. -of any driver(s) abandoning the scene of an accident.