Use of special anti-skid wheel chains

In case of adverse weather conditions, the Hellenic Police Force advices drivers to pay special attention when travelling and to use anti-skid chains on the tires of their vehicles, when appropriate.

It is well known that vehicles cannot move on a sliding surface, since the wheels tend to slide on that surface.

As far as anti-skid wheel chains are concerned, drivers should bear in mind the following:

The grip of the tires to the road is best when the tire is covered to the best possible extent by the anti-skid chain, since the protruding parts of the chain may then `hold` on the snow or ice and therefore move the vehicle.

Anti-skid chains should always be used, when the surface is sliding. They should not be used on a clean surface, since they produce tear and wear to the tires and the road.

Anti-skid tire chains should be placed on the wheels of the vehicle that hold traction.

Drivers should make soft moves when this anti-skid gear is on; traction wheels may well achieve a better grip of the ground but the rest of them do not.

Speed in this case should not be more than 20 km/h or 30 km/h.

Drivers should read with due attention the manual before and after placing the anti-skid wheel chains, for best results and maintenance.

When placed properly, anti-skid wheel chains should not look loose but tense.

In any case, drivers should comply with the orders and instructions of the police staff and remain calm; calmness is their best ally in such cases.