Advice to Young People

Internet is educational and fun. However, problems might occur if it is used in an uncontrolled manner.

That is why you must keep in mind the following:

Do not give anyone, not even your best friend, your access code to the Internet. Your parents are the only people who should know your access code.

Do not reply to electronic messages that make you feel “uncomfortable”. In case you receive such a message, do not hesitate to tell your parents or someone you trust.

If you start feeling uncomfortable when in a chat room, disconnect immediately.

Avoid sending your photograph and personal information through the internet to an unknown person.

Think carefully before deciding to meet somebody you have gotten to know through the net. Discuss it with your parents.

In case you do decide to meet with your “internet friend”, tell your parents or someone you trust and make sure the meeting takes place in public.

Develop your critical skills when reading at the internet. Do not believe all that is published there.

Talk to your parents about what you see and experience, when you surf the net.