ATLANTIS – Improved resilience of Critical Infrastructures AgainsT LArgescale transnational and systemic rISks

The mission of ATLANTIS (Improved resilience of Critical Infrastructures AgainsT LArgescale transnational and systemic rISks) involves 39 European partners, such as private companies, Research Institutes and Centres (e.g. ΚΕΜΕΑ) as well as Public Services, which are competent for Security (e.g the Hellenic Police, the Ministries of Interior of both France and Italy, the Ministry of Infrastructure of Slovenia and the Slovenian Government Information Security Office).

  • Improving knowledge on large-scale, vulnerability assessment and long-term systemic risks.
  • Improving the systemic resilience of ECI, through novel, adaptive, flexible and customizable security measures (“by design”) and tools (“by innovation”).
  • Improving effective cooperation among CI operators and government security stakeholders, while preserving CI autonomy and sovereignty.
  • Delivering an open TRL-7 technological framework that will provide the ECIs with AI-based solutions for increased AWARENESS, CAPABILITY and COOPERATION in managing systemic threats


The Hellenic Police as a partner within the ATLANTIS project contributes to the implementation of the European CI security policy and at the same time acquires expertise that improves the services offered to the European citizen.


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