Division of Internal Affairs

The Division of Internal Affairs was founded in 1999, to stamp out cases of corruption within Hellenic Police. It is located in Athens and its responsibility extends throughout the entire Greek state. There is a branch office in Thessaloniki, the Northern Greece Internal Affairs Subdivision which addresses problems occurring in this area.

This division operates under a special statutory framework (Law 2713/1999 & Law 2800/2000) and falls directly under the Chief of the Hellenic Police. Its investigation tasks are supervised by a Court of Appeal Public Prosecutor and reports annually through its Head to the Institutions and Transparency Committee of the Parliament. It also co-operates with the Group of European States against Corruption (GRECO).

The Head of the Division is appointed for a 3-year period by decision of the Ministry of Citizen Protection after a relevant proposal from the Chief of the Hellenic Police and after the Institutions and Transparency Committee has held a hearing and expressed an opinion on the matter.

Pursuant to article 2 of Law 3103/2002, Hellenic Police Internal Affairs Division also addresses the crimes of bribery that employees and officials in the wider public sector commit or participate in.

The division includes the following four sections:

  • Department of Investigations and Prosecution
  • Department of Special Affairs
  • Department of Information and Strategy
  • Department of Administrative Support


  • Division of Internal Affairs
    23, Kifisias Ave., 15123, Maroussi
    Fax: 210-6856508
    Tel: 210-8779700 & 10301
  • Northern Greece Subdivision of Internal Affairs
    241, Monastiriou St., 54628 Thessaloniki
    Fax: 2310-548690
    Tel: 2310-531884