Chief of the Hellenic Police Force

Michail Karamalakis
Police Lieutenant General

He is from Achentria of Archanes – Asterousia Municipality in Heraclion, but he was born in Soufli of Evros Prefecture in 1964.

He joined the Police Gendarmerie in 1982 and graduated from the Hellenic Police Officers’ Academy in 1988.

He completed his post-graduate studies with distinction in the Hellenic Police School of Further Education and Training in 2000.

He successfully participated in expertise training programmes and seminars in the field of Counterterrorism; Organised Crime; Human Rights; Drug Enforcement; Criminal Investigation Techniques; Self-Protection and Defense, and Weapons Tactics; Countering Racism and Xenophobia; Traffic Policing; Civil – Police Cooperation; and Crisis Management. He represented the Hellenic Police in various Workgroups, Conferences and Seminars on internal security, as well as on international police cooperation issues.

He significantly contributed in establishing union rights for the Hellenic Police personnel, serving sufficiently as a member of the Board of the National Officers’ Federal Union.

He also served as an active member of the Council of European Police Unions (CESP), sharing his expertise in the process of harmonizing the functions of police and judicial institutions in Europe.

He served for a significant number of years as a Police Commander, in various first-line posts in the Regional Police Directorate of Crete.

As a senior Officer, from March 2012 he served as Director of the Heraklion Police Division with the rank of Police Brigadier, until April 2014, when he got promoted to the rank of Police Major General and assigned to be Director of the Regional Police Directorate of Crete.

On 16/02/2016, he got promoted to the rank of Police Lieutenant General, and held the post of General Police Inspector for Northern Greece. During his service there, he had, among other, the responsibility for the overall supervision and coordination of the evacuation of Idomeni camp, in May 2016.

On 21/01/2017, he assigned to be Chief of Staff of the Hellenic Police Headquarters, while from 05/08/2018 to 01/11/2018 he was in parallel acting Deputy Chief of the Hellenic Police.

On 02/11/2018, he got the post of Deputy Chief of the Hellenic Police.

On 19/7/2019, the Government Council for Foreign Affairs and Defence (KYSEA) decided him as Chief of the Hellenic Police.

During his career, he was awarded by the State a significant number of commendations and distinctions for his professional performance and outstanding service. Also, he has been decorated with the medals of the Order of Excellence; Order of Honour and Phoenix; Golden Star Medals of Police Value; Golden Star Medals of Excellence and Honour; Decorations of outstanding Command; as well as, for his distinctive Staff Services.

He is married and father of two children.