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Four (4) educational years Μεγέθυνση κειμένου Σμίκρυνση κειμένου Print E-mail

The Hellenic Police Officers’ School is a subordinate school of the Hellenic Police Academy and it is equivalent to Greek Higher Education Institutions and other Armed Forces Schools.

Academic schooling spreads over six (6) to eight (8) semesters, for a total of three (3) to four (4) academic years. During their training, the cadets of the 1st academic year, stay confined within the campus.

According to article 25 of act 3511/2006, it is permitted for candidates from foreign police academies, to enroll and attend the Police Officers’ School.

The training program is being carried out within the new facilities of the Hellenic Police Academy (relocation took place during 2004) that match the European and International standards, providing a modern educational and training police environment, contributing to the quality improvement of the Hellenic Police.

The academic staff of the HPOS includes Senior Professors from a variety of academic institutions within the Greek territory, judicial officials and police senior officers of all ranks and other scientists that hold a PhD degree in certain academic fields.

Including a theoretical and a practical aspect, the curriculum of HPOS provides the students with perfect vocational and academic training, general education and the appropriate physical and psychological preparation. All cadets, after enrolling in the School, undergo their basic military training, under the School’s supervision with the cooperation of military officers.

During their 4th year of training, they carry out their practical training. The a.m. training, lasting approximately 3 months, takes place in the services of the General Police Directorate of Attica. After their graduation, the alumni obtain the rank of Police Second Lieutenant.

HPOS Erasmus + Policy

The HPOS Strategy for the organization and implementation of cooperation projects within the Erasmus+ Programme is analyzed under two main priorities: First priority is the transfer of innovative approaches in its trainees’ education, by improving the learning process and expanding their knowledge capacity in fields which are in high demand in police professional practices. Second priority is the acquisition of knowledge and experience of the European standards in policing by the trainees themselves. Through Erasmus+ trainees will gain the potential to recognize the demands, challenges and appropriate practices for use in the framework of their future duties. Under the Erasmus+ Programme and taking into consideration the existing above mentioned bilateral cooperation agreements that have been signed by the Hellenic Government, HPOS will form a list of the competent Police Academies and other related academic institutes and will propose them to the Hellenic Police Headquarters, in order for them to be invited for further cooperation in joint training mobility activities. Priority will be given to collaborations for the mobility of students, faculty and administrative staff, as well as collaborations for the development of and participation in short/intensive training programmes. HPOS plans to establish dialogue channels with competent institutions of other EU and non-EU countries, not only police training institutes, but also with universities, research institutes, public, private and non-governmental organizations which are in direct or indirect relation with the academic fields of interest for our Institution. The trainees of the HPOS, the administrative personnel, as well as the scientific council of the School will have an active role in the process of determining the scientific fields of interest, within the framework of seeking the right partners, by evaluating the training material and practices provided by them. In the first period (first year) of participating in the Erasmus+ projects, priority will be given to the mobility of administrative personnel, in order to gain knowledge and practical experience of high standards Police Training Institutes. Obviously within the same period an effort will be made during the mobility of administrative personnel to discuss with the hosting institute the potential to further collaborate in the area of trainees’ mobility, by identifying common study areas that can provide the needed accredited knowledge for the mobilized trainees. In general, HPOS seeks to improve the quality of education for the young trainee officers, by collecting and further considering new innovative ideas that modernize the educational methodology used and promote expertise in technological innovation and development in police practice. The second phase will include the trainees’ mobility initiatives that will be agreed with the specific competent training institutions of other countries. In this context criteria will be set for the selection of the trainees to participate. These trainees will have the proper preparation support before their travel, as well as the continuous contact and monitoring within the mobility period. After the conclusion of their mobility and their return, their gained knowledge and experience will be reevaluated and considered for future decisions on mobility initiatives.