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Forensic Science Division Μεγέθυνση κειμένου Σμίκρυνση κειμένου Print E-mail

Hellenic Police Forensic Science Division is the National Crime Service of Greece. It is a member of the European Forensic Science Institute (ENFSI) and offers significant support to the work carried out by all prosecution authorities in Greece.

Northern Greece Forensic Science Subdivision located in Thessaloniki as well as local Crime Investigations Bureaus all over Greece come under Hellenic Police Forensic Science Division.

Forensic Science Division includes the following sections:

  • Department of Fingerprints
  • Department of Science Laboratories
  • Department of Chemical Laboratories
  • Department of Scientific Investigations
  • Department of Modus Operandi
  • Department of Statistical Data
  • Department of Archives
  • Department of Internal Operations

The Division is equipped with state-of-the-art technology such as:

  • Cartridge and bullet trace comparative examination automatic sstem (ΙΒΙS)
  • Automatic fingerprints examination system
  • PHOTOPHONE system
  • Automatic photograph filing and display system (ISIS)
  • Voice and sound examination system (VOICE)
  • Digital data examination system
  • DNA base sequence analyzer
  • High technology equipment at the National Center for the analysis of banknotes and coins
  • Multi-purpose, ultra-modern electron microscope