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Special Violent Crime Squad Μεγέθυνση κειμένου Σμίκρυνση κειμένου Print E-mail
Telephone lines: 1014 and 10414 , email ctu@hellenicpolice.gr

These lines operate round the clock offering help on terrorist issues.
Caller privacy and anonymity is ensured (Caller ID not possible).

The Anti-Terrorist Unit, whose aim is to confront Crimes of extreme violence, falls directly under the Chief of the Hellenic Police and is responsible for the entire Greek state (Presidential Decree 14/2001).

It includes the following sections:

  • Department for Combating Domestic Terrorism
  • Department for Combating International Terrorism 
  • Department of State and Polity Protection
  • Operations and Controls Department
  • Department of Administrative Support 
  • Department of Technical and Network Intelligence Management

An historical moment for the Anti-Terrorist Unit was the eradication of the "November 17th", "Revolutionary People`s Struggle" (ELA), "Conspiracy Cells of Fire" and "Revolutionary Struggle" terrorist groups.