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Fotios Nassiakos Μεγέθυνση κειμένου Σμίκρυνση κειμένου Print E-mail

Lt.-Gen. Fotios Nassiakos was born in 1952 in the community of Rachoula, Karditsa prefecture of central Greece.
 Nassiakos graduated first in his class from the Officers` Academy in 1976, and he attended various schools and seminars.
 A graduate of Hellenic Police`s School of Foreign Languages, he concentrated on English as his primary foreign language.
 He underwent additional training abroad and participated in several international law enforcement conferences, representing Hellenic Police in various fora and groups at the European Union level.
 With the rank of Police Colonel and Police Brig.-Gen. (1996-2000) Nassiakos served as the head of Hellenic Police`s special violent crimes division.
 In 2000, he was promoted to the rank of Police Major General and served successively as Public Security Division Director and Security and Public Order Division Head of Hellenic Police.
 Following a decision by the high-ranking Government Council of Foreign and National Defence Policy he was appointed to the post of Hellenic Police Chief and was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant General.
 He is married and has two daughters.