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Children & road safety - Advice to parents Μεγέθυνση κειμένου Σμίκρυνση κειμένου Print E-mail
We all want our children to attend and return from school safely. Remember that it is parents who give children their first road safety lessons.
 For this reason:
 Find the safest route for your child to follow to get to and return from school
 The shortest route is not necessarily the least dangerous. Check your child`s route to school many times over. When you decide on the most appropriate route, make sure you travel that route many times together so your child learns it properly
 Following the same route day-in day-out; your child will gradually learn all the details of that route, and consequently, all possible risks
 Your child should learn to stop at the curb before crossing the roadway
 Your child should learn to check both the left and right sides of the roadway carefully, crossing only when absolutely sure that no vehicles are coming
 Teach your child how to properly judge when a vehicle is far away or close. A wrong assessment could lead to an accident
 Always hold your child`s hand. Children should walk on the inner side of the pavement or sidewalk
 Teach your child that even at pedestrian crossings, he/she should be equally careful; Careful checking of the road left and right still applies here.
 In the evening, in particular, yellow or bright children`s clothing or reflective stickers help drivers better spot your child`s presence on the road
 If the traffic lights or street signs at the school or along the route followed are inadequate or damaged, inform the competent authorities immediately.