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Advice for pedestrians Μεγέθυνση κειμένου Σμίκρυνση κειμένου Print E-mail

Always walk at the sidewalk.

When there is no sidewalk, you should better walk at the side of the road, to the opposite direction from the one of the cars, so that you establish visual contact with the vehicles and their drivers can see you.

When you need to cross the road, first make sure you check carefully both ways and then cross it only when you are absolutely certain that no vehicles are passing by.

You must be very careful, even when you walk at pedestrian crossings. You must carefully check both ways in this case too.

Do not cross the street moving between stopped vehicles, because neither you nor the passing by drivers have enough visual contact.

Pay special attention when you are with small children or elderly persons. Do not forget that young children in particular cannot assess dangers properly.

When you walk, always respect traffic regulations. Follow the signs of the road police agents and of traffic lights.

Pedestrians have the right to live in a healthy environment and freely enjoy public spaces.

(European Charter of Pedestrians Rights)