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Annual Report of the 2009 Trafficking in Persons – US State Department
Athens 16 June 2009
The State Department has today published its Annual Report on the Illegal Trafficking of 2009 as required by U.S.
law. Greece this year ranked in the "2nd Class" in the middle of the scale counts effectiveness of governments
in the prevention, protection, and prosecution of human trafficking. For the second consecutive year by the
American Foreign Minister also refers to a Greek supporter of the prosecution of illegal trafficking, the Police
Director George A Vanikioti Police Division of Attica, as one of the nine heroes of the Global Effort to Fight
Illicit Trafficking in Persons.
Greece is a destination and transit country for victims of trafficking and for sexual exploitation and forced labor.
The 2009 report ranks Greece in "2nd Class", which means it does not fully comply with minimum standards but making
significant efforts to do so. This year's report notes that the Greek government has increased the overall funding
of the protection of victims and has made significant efforts to implement the law. The report notes, however,
insufficient progress in punishing the illegal traffickers, the active identification of victims, provide reliable
shelter to protect victims and to inform the Greek public opinion on issues related to combating trafficking in
human beings for sex and forced labor.
One of the nine "Heroes of World Effort to Fight Illicit Trafficking in Persons" which won this year by the
American Secretary Hillary Clinton is the Superintendent I Vanikiotis George, Head of Department to Fight Human
Trafficking in Sub-Division Counteracting Organized Crime and is one of the most qualified officers in combating
trafficking. It is a trainer candidate officers and Police Constables of Schools of Greek Police, prosecutors,
doctors and nurses, labor inspectors, and non-governmental organizations in Greece. It organizes seminars on
combating trafficking in high schools and universities. Captain A Vanikiotis direct business of the Department of
Anti-Trafficking, which focused on the dismantling of several large trafficking rings in 2008 and 2009 will focus
on labor exploitation and international police cooperation. Last year the Report from the U.S. Department of State
for Illegal Trafficking honored Emma Skonsmpy-Manousaridis, director of the NGO "New Life".